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Science Courses


The following resources are provided to help our parents accommodate their students with quality practice at home.  Simply click on the images in each section below to open that resource window or webpage.


Elementary Math

RightStart Math

"Math needs to be taught so 95 percent is understood and only 5 percent memorized."

Richard Skemp, major pioneer in mathematics education

Elementary Language Arts

Logic of English

"The first step in teaching anyone to read is to develop the student’s awareness of how sounds are produced and how all spoken words are made up of sounds. Logic of English provides a granular progression of skills to help develop the student’s understanding of words and sounds and to build their confidence."

Denise Eide, creator of Logic of English

Screenshot 2023-01-28 154942_edited.jpg

Elementary Music


"Colorful, fun & interactive videos designed to give kids meaningful experiences with musical notes during their most formative years.
It's like Blues Clues meets Guitar Hero for music theory."

Rob Young, creator of Prodigies

Dual Credit Preparation

Lone Star College TSI Testing

The Texas Success Initiative (TSIA2) is a state legislated program designed to improve student success in college by requiring all students attending public institutions of higher education, to complete assessment in reading, writing and mathematics before enrolling in classes. Preparing for assessments is encouraged since test scores determine course placement. 


Technology Skills

Go beyond typing with Digital Citizenship, Coding, and Career Prep.

Elementary Civic Education

PragerU Kids

Educational, entertaining, pro-American shows for kids of all ages.


Math Help


Here can be found multiple free resources providing help with multiple levels of math

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