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Why Traditions

Four Cornerstones of
Our Mission


Utilizing and exhibiting intelligence, common sense, deep understanding, objectivity, critical thinking, and problem solving


Adherence to God’s laws of morality in thought and deed

Moral Excellence


Thorough knowledge about, loyalty to, and a love of the United States of America

Civic Engagement

Building relationships with and making a positive difference in the community

Why Traditions?

At Traditions Education we recognize that each student is a unique individual with their own strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles. To maximize their potential for academic mastery, we meet them where they are and create a system of support. Every child should experience the victory of successfully overcoming and mastering their challenges.

Starting with our youngest students and continuing through to our graduates we introduce and reinforce virtuous mindsets and behaviors. When virtue becomes a foundational aspect of their character, honor and justice ensue.

We want to make a difference to our students, so they can then make a difference in the world. Traditions looks forward to creating lasting connections in our community and building strong relationships. If it will preserve, defend, protect, or improve, we want to help!


Our Campus

Our campus houses our entire student body, from Lower Elementary through High School. 

We are conveniently located on FM 1488.

Class times are Monday-Friday from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm.

Meet Our Teachers

Ms. Cindy Lane

Head Administrator

Ms. April Muszynski


Gaby Brighter 2.jpeg
Ms. Gaby Santana


Ms. Erin Hohmann

Teacher Assistant

Stephanie brighter.jpg
Ms. Stephanie Miess


Ms. Stacy Wilkerson


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